Tuboflex Feeder with Matriflex Plate

Automatic feeder for males in production breeding houses.

Plastic plate:

  • Access up to 9 birdsmatrilex-prato-comedouro
  • Lock anti-turning and wide border avoid wastes
  • With UV protection
  • Easy to clean

Designed for any type of feed;

Feed hoper with capacity of 85 kg;

Anti-perch with electroshock (optional);

Circuit with uniform feed distribution;

Suspension system by electric winch.


PLATE DIMENSIONSdimensoes-do-prato
A. External diameter: 323mm
B. Total height: 289.5mm
C. Plate height: 68mm
D. Height between the base and tube with auger: 218.5mm
E. Distance between flips: 121mm


Driving Segment length Distance
Gearmotor three-phase or single-phase 0.5cv 50/60 Hz 6 meters 1.20m – 5 plates/segment


motor-matriflex Drive by gearmotor (with end of line plate), three-phase or single-phase 50/60Hz
matrilex-prato-comedouro1 Control plate
painel-de-controle Control pannel for eletroshock (optional)
trava-anti-giro Lock anti-turning
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