Nipple Drinker System

CASP by Lubing nipple drinker system

The CASP by Lubing Nipple Drinker System guarantees a clean and free of contaminants water flow. The efficient stainless steel valve with cylindrical pin (without sphere), has 360° side-action, attending the needs of birds in all stages.

Main characteristics:

  • Exclusive internal mechanism with cylindrical pin, without sphere;
  • Multiple stage pin, which allows adequate flow due to age;
  • The pin can be triggered from any angle what facilitates the access of the breeders and broilers;
  • High water flow without dripping.


Valvula 4078 Corpo plástico, sem taça, média vazão para frango de corte

Valvula 4024 Corpo plástico, com taça, alta vazão para matriz em recria ou frango de corte

Valvula 4022 Todo em aço inoxidável, com taça, alta vazão para matriz em produção

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