Silo For Feed


Silos entirely made of galvanized steel sheets wifh waves of 4″, designed to provide better feed flow, ensuring safety siloand quality of the stored product.


  • External ladder with safety cage until the roof available for all models and anti-slip step;
  • Legs with galvanized steel structural shapes ensures the safety;
  • Drip ring to avoid rainwater from dripping into the cone and compromise the hopper;
  • Outlet for side extraction for bagging or manual discharge on trolleys, in case of power failure;
  • High-strength bichromated nuts and bolts, special mass and EPDM washers to avoid water infiltration;
  • Opening hard system to ensure the correct handling during the load and acts as a lock against winds;
  • Roof of 40° with the same natural repose angle of the feed, maximizing its useful capacity;
  • Roof vents to reduce the internal moist of the roof, preserving the quality of the feed (optional);
  • Door in the bottom cone to facilitate the cleaning inside the silo (optional);
  • Eccentric vibrator helps the feed flow of hard fluidity;
  • Works interconnected with the Siloflex (optional).
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