smartflexTuboflex Mechanical Eater for production of chicken for slaughter

• Version available only for collective setup.

• Height setting in the plates line through the levers driving system.

• Individual plates closing system through an upper register, preventing the ration from going down to plates not to be used.

• Practicality during assembly due to parts design.

• Easy cleaning, setup and handling.

• Easy access to birds from day one.

• Bears up to 45 birds per plate.

• Simple and precise setup for ration dosing.

• Made with polypropylene with protection against UV rays.

Plate dimensions:

A – External diameter: Ø202 33.

B – Total height: 325 mm.

C – Height between the base and tube with helicoid: 245 mm.

Plate components:
1 – Plastic plate diam. 202 mm.

2 – Dosing cone

3 – Bipartite lower insulator.

4 – Bipartite upper insulator.

5 – Radial register with lock.

6 – Red plastic fixer.

7 – Cone driving cable 0.8 mm.

Eater components:

– Driven by a motor reducer with line end plate, compact driving box and safety system against overflow.

– Driving option with pulley and chain.

– Available in three-phase and one-phase 50/60Hz networks.

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