Tuboflex Feeder – Individual Regulation

tuboflexIts functioning is very simple and consists in the receipt of the ration in a deposit and its distribution in the circuit plates, through a galvanized tube with an internal helicoid. Ration supply is controlled by an unified control plate (final/individual), which turns the system on and off automatically, taking into account the existing ration level.

The line height setup system is made by a hoist. Demountable deposit and compact driving, allowing the elevation of the lines closest to the ceiling, facilitating birds removal and volery cleaning. Designed for any type of ration, plastic plate, manufactured in polypropylene with anti-UV additives, larger useful area, which facilitates access of up to 14 birds, simultaneously. Practical and safe setup system, with broad border, which prevents wastes, may be used from batch entry to exit, generating excellent results of food conversion and grids of 7 to 14 tabs.

Main Characteristics

Circuit Length:
• Up to 130 meters – driving 0.5 CV;
• 131 to 150 meters – driving 1.0 CV.

Available plates spacings:
• 0.667 – 9 plates per segment;
• 0.750 – 8 plates per segment;
• 0.875 – 7 plates per segment.

Note: 45 to 50 birds recommended per plate.
Deposit capacity: 85 kg.

• Motor reducer;
• Chain pulley;

Note: Three-phase or one-phase.

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