Feeder CSI 400 for weaning


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Feeder CSI 400 is the result of research for better performance for animals on weaning phase. CSI 400 offer better performance, food conversion and on adequate quantity, easy access to animals without feed waste.

  • Hopper made of polyethylene with ultraviolet protection (UV);
  • Tray of special stainless stamped steel without soldering or edges;
  • Supplied with side valves of stainless steel to humidify the feed;
  • Structure in stainless steel;
  • Exclusive adjustment system – easy and accurate (lever or screw);
  • Capacity for 50 animals (40 animals ideal);
  • Hopper for 30kg feed;
  • Feed difuser in stainless steel with design that ensures uniform distribution;
  • Hopper angle with suitable design for feed flow.
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