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Robust equipment, easy to handle and suitable for animal welfare, the group sow housing system allows the management of pregnant sows through the control of individual feed consumption of animals from the same stall, eliminating competition for feed. The feeding control is performed through microchip placed in te ear of the sows that upon reaching the reading radius of the antenna verifies the parameters of the animal and makes the feeding decision based on the Feeding Curve and Body Score of the sows.

* Feeding capacity for 70 pregnant sows per station, considering the feeding daily offer of 2,5 kg/ animal in 16 hours of daily operation.

· Structure, floor fastening and side tool in AISI304 stainless steel;
· Markers with two color option;
· Selection gate;
· Gate closing pistons and feed trays with pressure limiters to
prevent crushing of sows;
· Exclusive system of automatic registration of the sows at the moment
of accessing the station;
· Software for up to 10 different feeding curves and registration of up
to 6 body conditions;
· Integration with the heat detection system;
· Possibility to insert parameters with mobile devices (smart phones and tablets);
· Software compatible with various management systems.

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