“CASP Background”

Founded in 1936, CASP is present on the day of the brazilian agribusiness being one of the largest industries of machinery and equipment for Animal Protein and Grain Storage in the country.

Today CASP has industrial plant located in Amparo, countryside of São Paulo state. The head office, besides all the administrative and commercial staff, also holds the metallurgical area and the production of equipment  designed for Grain Storage and Animal Protein.

CASP also has a sale office located in taberaí- Goiás, Brasil thats responsable for sales and post sales on its acting region.

A pioneer since its inception, CASP invests in technology and knowledge building. CASP’s equipment are the only ones manufactured with 100% brazilian technology and the company is proud to contribute with the growth of the country offering creative and cost effective solutions to its clients and partners.


To offer creative and reliable solutions in grain storage systems and animal protein production to increase the operational efficiency of our customers.


To be recognized as the company with the best solution for grain storage systems and animal protein production.


Integrity, commitment, creativity, innovation, efficiency, teamwork, reliability, tradition and formation of knowledge.



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