Setter Multiple Stage – Corridor

Performance, reliability, operational economy and robustness are the main characteristics of the CASP incubation equipment.

Fronts in stainless steel/aluminum with modular geminated furniture, comprised of panels with thermal insulation in EPS with fire retardant, thickness of 50 mm, and internal and external coating with plastic sheets, reinforced with fiber print of texturized surface.

Structural assembly with extruded aluminum profiles, providing finishing and sealing.

Heating, ventilation, turning, humidity and refrigeration systems were developed to ensure ideal homogenization and air distribution conditions.

• Digital electronic command version;
• Three-phase power supply system 220/380 V – 50/60 Hz;
• Drawers for 84 or 96 chicken eggs;
• Air refrigerated equipment;
• High performance electric engines;
• Anti-flame electro ducts for passing of power cables.



CMg 109HT
Capacity for 108,864 chicken eggs (Incubation drawer for 84 chicken eggs).

CMg 125HT
Capacity for 124,416 chicken eggs (Incubation drawer for 96 chicken eggs).


SERIES ITEMS – Standard for all equipment

Unified dedicated controller for the whole line of incubation equipment with SMT (Surface-Mount Technology).

Texturized Fiber Print coating for greater resistance to impact and abrasion, with easy cleaning.

Digital sensors for high accuracy dry bulb and wet bulb temperature, for safety of the control operation without mercury.

Monitoring and control of the incubation process of easy browsing with event reports and charts. Password for local and remote Web access.


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