After deflagration of the operation called “Carne Fraca” by the Federal Police of Brazil last Friday (March/17), CASP, one of the largest machinery and equipment industries for poultry, swine and grain storage in Brazil, with 80 years of experience in the agro-industry and part of the Brazilian meat production process, expresses its support to the producers and agro-industries that are dedicated to responsible production of foods that are on the table of millions of consumers in Brazil and worldwide.


No business is based in fakes because credibility is built with hard work and dedication for decades. Therefore, CASP reaffirms its belief in seriousness, professionalism and, above all, its confidence in strict production controls, with high standards of quality, safety and technology. Brazil would not be one of the biggest exporters of meat in the world were it not for the hard work of so many Brazilians. We believe in our industry and the seriousness of the entire production chain.

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