Pendular Drinker

Model especially developed to serve breeders of chicken for slaughter and matrixes, who prefer traditional equipment. The Pendular Drinker 2003 has few parts, which facilitates handling, setup and batch removal. In addition to that, its water output system, with 4 holes that avoids waste and the suspension system between the valve and rod allows greater fitting speed and ease.


Main Characteristics:

• Valve with easy water flow setup;
• Suspension system that facilitates maintenance;
• Simple and effective fitting between dome and stem;
• Water output system, with 4 holes that avoids waste;
• Hook for placing the counterweight.


Recommended birds number:

80 to 100 (broilers)

50 to 70 (breeders)

Weight: 1 kg

Note: Client must provide the counterweight according to the instructions manual.



Pendular Drinker

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